Samuel Kitevski

A voice rang distinctly above the crowd, “Who touched Me?” The crowd paused with querying looks.
Being rudely jostled and pushed on every side by the crowd, Jesus asks, “Who touched me?”.
Peter, in his usual self was quick to point out, what he believed to be the folly of the question.

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Twelve years of suffering, twelve years of pain. The doctors said she was incurable. There was no hope. This poor woman had just about resigned to her fate. But then she heard about a Man. This Man, had healed those who were blind, the lepers. Oh that she could come near to Him, she might be healed!
And so, that last flicker of hope, so near to being snuffed out, began to burn brighter.

Jesus, having returned from the eventful occurrences just over the Sea of Galilee at Gergesa, was resting at Levi-Matthews house. But there was to be no rest for the Master. Jairus, the ruler of the synagogue, was searching for Him, and finding him at the dinner table, fell at His feet begging His help. His daughter was sick, at the very point of death.
Jesus,  could never turn down such a genuine plead for help. Jairus exercised his faith.

Yet as they journeyed to the rulers house, the crowd pressed about him.
That poor, sick woman, having spent the day thus far looking for an opportunity to just get close to Him, finally stood in the very presence of the Great Physician.
Having such great faith, said, Oh if only I could but touch His garment, I will be made whole!
The woman exercised her faith.
She had spent the day looking, searching for Him. And just when that last flame of hope was just about burnt out, not being able to find Him, she found Him.
Isn’t that the same with us? Just when we are about to give up all hope, throw in the towel. Jesus, the life giver, is there, within an arms reach. Such faith that we might have!
Having gotten close enough, she stretched out her hand and touched the edge of His garment. In that one touch was concentrated the faith of her life.
Instantly, healing power rushed through her. She was healed!

“Your faith has made you well.”

The crowd had been carelessly touching, pushing on every side, yet they realized no accession of Divine power.
They were in the very presence of the Savior of the World, the Great Physician, yet the realized it not!
A miracle, the healing power of Jesus had restored a broken life, and yet the crowd paid no attention.
They had been in the presence of God, listening to His words daily, yet they recognized not the manifestation of His power.
Instead they ask with shocked expressions on their faces, “Don’t you see? So many touch you all about. The crowd presses against You, and You ask, “Who touched me?”
Jesus had a reason for asking. Never a word, sentence or phrase uttered from the mouth of Him who came to save the world, is folly or has no purpose.
Jesus asked the question for you and me.
In a way, only the Father can do, He is reminding us that we have missed something. In our eagerness to be near Jesus, we have missed the manifestation of His power. The fruit of living faith.

The crowd had missed it. And so often do we.
To just hear words, without soul hunger or living faith avails nothing.

How often do we simply say we have faith, yet we do not exercise it?
How often are we like the crowd, carelessly jostling the Master, yet have no realization that we stand in the very presence of God?

The nominal faith in Jesus,  which merely accepts Him as the Savior of the World, is not enough. It can never bring healing to the soul.
Faith is not a mere intellectual assent to the truth. It is not enough to simply believe about Him. We must believe in Him.

In our devotion, we often become like the crowd. Trying to be closer to Him, saying we know Him. Yet do we? Or are we just reading or hearing words.

If we wait for a full understanding, saying oh, I have not yet learned all, before we exercise our faith, we cannot and will not receive a blessing from God.

Wow. Certainly something to think about.

Oh how often we just read and hear words. Yet never seek for that which is more than words.
We say, yes I know Jesus. But do we know Him?

Powerful. May we seek for that which is more than words. A living faith – more than words.

I know Him. But do I know Him?

May we know Him ever more than just words.

1 John 5:13

More Than Words – To Be Continued.

Based off: Matthew 9:18-26 & Mark 5:21-43

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